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A New Era of Mental Health Support for Modern PCPs

Welcome to Intuitive Mental Health

We’re a pioneering startup on a mission to revolutionize mental health care by partnering with primary care providers (PCPs) to deliver comprehensive and personalized mental health support. 

Through our proven Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) services, powered by advanced technology, we aim to improve patient outcomes, lower total costs, and reduce provider burnout.

Our Mission

At Intuitive Mental Health, our mission is to transform mental health care by seamlessly integrating holistic wellness and conventional mental health care directly into primary care settings. 

We believe that improving mental health in primary care is at the heart of population health, and we’re dedicated to leveraging the best of technology and evidence-based practices to achieve this goal. Intuitive Mental Health is at the forefront of addressing the growing demand for mental health care in the US. 

By working with us, you’re championing accessible, comprehensive, and high-quality mental health care for all.

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Why Collaborative Care Matters

Collaborative care is an evidence-based model that brings together primary care providers, mental health professionals, and patients to address mental health needs. By integrating mental health care directly into the primary care setting, we can identify and treat patients earlier, leading to improved outcomes and overall well-being.

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Lower Provider Burnout

Proven Results of Collaborative Care

The Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) has consistently demonstrated transformative results in mental health care. Studies have shown that CoCM leads to a remarkable 60% improvement in mental health outcomes, making a significant impact on the lives of patients. Additionally, CoCM is not only effective but also economically viable, generating a $6.50 return on investment for every $1 spent. Furthermore, providers utilizing the CoCM experience a 50% reduction in burnout rates, fostering a healthier and more sustainable work environment.

Our Innovative Solution

Intuitive Mental Health’s Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) services are powered by our cutting-edge CareOS technology platform, which streamlines workflows and enhances care delivery. 

Our multidisciplinary care team works together with primary care providers, leveraging the best of technology to ensure patients receive timely, coordinated, and comprehensive mental health support.

Benefits for Patients

Personalized treatment for various behavioral health concerns, including depression, anxiety, postpartum mood changes, and ADHD

Convenient phone or video appointments

 Holistic wellness practices to address root causes and promote healing

Symptom monitoring, talk treatment, and medication support

Benefits for Providers

Improved clinical outcomes

Reduced stress and time spent on mental health care management

Success with value-based care

Unprecedented level of support from skilled IMH team

Additional practice revenues

Benefits for Health Plans

Increased access to mental health care for members

Turnkey services for seamless integration

Value-based, high-quality care

 Member visibility and engagement

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We’re also hiring clinical staff — psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, case managers, coaches, and psychotherapists — as well as talented entrepreneurial engineers to join our team. 

If you’re passionate about transforming mental health care, reach out to us through the contact form below.

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About Our Founder

Intuitive Mental Health is helmed by Ravi Hariprasad MD, MPH, an accomplished Cornell-engineer, Harvard-trained psychiatrist, and public health specialist. With a unique blend of expertise in technology, medicine, and holistic healing, Ravi has consistently leveraged innovation and data to improve health outcomes.

From coding at age five to pioneering tracking technology inspiring the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature, Ravi’s technology and entrepreneurship background has significantly shaped his approach to health care. His extensive education in medicine and public health, alongside his study of traditional wisdom and spiritual practices, allows him to view wellness through a holistic lens.

As our global community grapples with a severe mental health crisis, Ravi’s unique skill set positions him to redefine virtual mental healthcare. Through Intuitive Mental Health, he delivers an exceptional care experience for both providers and patients, striving for an innovative, holistic approach to mental health.

Ravi Hariprasad MD, MPH